Understanding your Statement

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Child Care Services are required by the Government to provide a Statement of Entitlement to parents/guardians once a fortnight. The amount of information required on the statement can be overwhelming, so we want to support you to understand all elements of the statement.


What is my account balance?

The account balance is made up of the opening balance prior to this statement period, any new charges during this statement period, any adjustments credits or charges from prior to this statement period, any failed payments from prior to this statement period, then minus any pending payments and payments made by you to give you current balance owing or credit at date of statement issued.

Important messages from the service

If a service wants to share a message with their families, you will find this starting on the front page of the Statement.

Summary of Adjustment

This section will outline any adjustments that were made after previous estimations on attendances were finalised.  

This may be due to manual adjustments where there has been a change on your account by the service, or due to attendance days added or removed, charges added or removed in previous statement period. 

Alternatively, it may be that your CCS Entitlements have changed to a different amount then what they were previously estimating at, or that CCS has decided not to pay the full entitlement for whatever reason. You will need to contact Centrelink to discuss any changes of entitlement.

Summary of Payments

Here you will find a list of any payments that you made to the service within the statement period. 

Summary of Attendances

This gives you an up to date overview of the sessions attended, absences for the statement period, year to date absent count, and CCS paid year to date. It's great to keep an eye on these to know when you are reaching any absent or subsidy limits for the financial year. 

Weekly Summary 

The Week Summary gives you an overview of the attendances, CCS payments and any debits/credits on the account for the week, totaling in the Out of Pocket column. This clearly shows differences between the estimated and paid CCS subsidies.

Account Transactions

This will list out each day in the statement period and the charges/credits occurring to the account for that day. Things that you will see listed include, attendances for the day with a debt amount for cost of session, payment listed for a date that you have been direct debited or have paid the service with a credit amount of the payment made, CCS estimating/paid with a credit amount of the estimating or paid CCS, manual charges by the service with a description of what the charge is for. 

Statement of Entitlement

Business and Centre Information

Business Name, ABN and Provider ID, Centre Name, details and service ID

  • Weekly Summary of CCS: A weekly breakdown of session hours attended, how many hours have been subsidised, the fee amount, the amount covered by CCS, the amount covered by ACCS. 

  • Entitlement Summary: Shows the CCS Entitlement percentage and hours for the account for the statement period

  • Attendance Summary: By day, you can see the times the session your child is booked in for, and the actual times your child was signed in and out for the day. 

  • Fee Decision: You can see the fee decisions made by the government on each session of care within the statement period.  If the amount varies between the subsidy entitlement listed and the CCS amount paid in the weekly summary, you will need to contact Centrelink to discuss further.  

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