Day to Day with Kangarootime

Modified on Wed, 6 Mar at 1:03 AM

Your centre is now all setup in Kangarootime and session reports and payments are being sent automatically for you. What to do now?

We have come up with a suggested to-do list for Monday and Friday that you could build on as your own, while you get comfortable using Kangarootime.

Depending on the processes at your individual centre, consider adding these to your list on the appropriate day/s for you:

  • Review Billing transactions: Flagged payments can be Approved, Updated or Cancelled.
    Location: The Billing > Payments tab of each individual Account, as well as the Billing > Payments screen for a whole centre view.
  • Review CCS Provider Messages: View messages sent to your business from CCS.
    Location: Business > CCS Provider Management > CCS Provider Messages.
  • Review CCS Service Messages: View messages sent to your centre from both CCS and ACCS.
    Location: Subsidies > CCS Messages
  • Send your Statements to the families: Schedule or run manual statement runs for all accounts at your centre.
    Location: Billing > Statements
  • Create and monitor CCS enrolments: Add CCS Enrolments for all children attending the centre.
    Location: Individual family accounts as well as Subsidies > CCS Subsidies > CCS Enrolments
  • Create and Submit IS Case claims for the week:  
    Location: Subsidies > IS Cases
  • Manage Debt: Keep on top of any debts on accounts at your centre.
    Location: Individual accounts as well as using Billing > Accounts to easily identify all accounts in an owing balance at the centre.



Resolve any Session report errors from the previous week
Location: Subsidies > CCS Subsidies > Subsidies Tracking

Confirm all Check In and Out Times for session reports are complete for the week.
Location: Attendance > Attendance/Bookings screen in Week View (all attendances should be coloured grey for Attended or orange for Absent)

Confirm payments have returned from CCS
Location: Subsidies > CCS Subsidies > Subsidies Tracking

Check the week ending for last week - amounts should show under 'Paid'

Update any class closures for the following week
Location: Attendance > Attendance/Bookings > select Manage Closures


Check if any entitlements have changed for any children.
Location: Subsidies > CCS Subsidies > Entitlements



Submit IS Claims for the prior week.
Location: Subsidies > IS Cases



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