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To locate the Revenue Reporting screen, select Analytics from the main menu, then select Reporting from the drop down options.

Once you are in the Reporting screen, select the Revenue tab. 


Revenue Reporting Graphs

On this screen you can view the Revenue Reporting graphs for your business. These graphs show four plots of revenue.

You can filter by centre via the drop down options in the top right hand corner. Please note that all centres will be selected by default. 

Select the date range via the date picker.

You can also filter the revenue graphs to display the four plots of revenue either by weekly, fortnightly or monthly via this selector in the top left hand corner. This will then give you a larger overall view of your revenue.

You may notice a copy icon in the top right corner of the graphs. Selecting this copies the graph to your computer clipboard, which then allows you to paste it into other documents.

Revenue Graph

The Revenue graph displays the revenue for your business or selected centre/s. When you run your mouse over the graph, it will display the exact figure amount for the time period indicated on the horizontal axis of the graph. The displayed $ figure is made up of service fees, dishonour fees and session fees. It can be compared to the Transaction by Type report. 

Note: If accounting periods are on, this is always respected in the revenue graphing information.


GL Code Breakdown Graph

The GL Code Breakdown graph displays information relating to centres that use GL Codes within their accounting. For centres that do not use GL Codes, the breakdown graph will invite you to learn more about GL Codes. 

Annual Revenue Comparison

If you scroll down on the Revenue Reporting screen, you can view the a graph which displays annual revenue reporting for your business. This graph show annual revenue per month, and give a comparison to the last years annual revenue. This years revenue is plotted in blue, and last years revenue is plotted in green.

Below the annual revenue graph see a What If? feature. It plots on the annual revenue graph what your revenue could be if there was an increase in fees. Moving the purple sliding scale up and down will move the plotting of the purple line on the graph. This displays potential revenue by percentage of fee increases compared to this year and last years annual revenue. 

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