Deposits in Kangarootime

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When a family joins your service, you may want to take a deposit from them in order to secure their position. These deposits can be held against an account in Kangarootime.


Add a Deposit

To add a deposit to an account, you can either do this from the individual Account itself, or the Billing Transactions screen. 

To do so from the individual account itself, navigate to the account, then to the Billing tab, then select the Deposits tab. From here you can select + Add Deposit Record to add a deposit onto the account.

To do so from the Billing Transactions screen, navigate to Billing in the menu, and select Transactions from the drop down options. Select the + Add Transaction button in the top right hand corner of the screen, and then select Deposit from the drop down options.

You will then need to enter all of the relevant details needed to create the deposit, including the date the deposit applies to, the account the deposit is to be created for and the dollar amount of the deposit. You can also choose to select a specific child to apply the deposit to. Once all these details have been entered, select Save

You will then be able to see Deposit Held and Deposit Received transactions on the account. 

Note: This action is not creating a charge on the account to debit the parent. It is simply transferring the funds to hold in an alternate location. If a charge needs to be applied to the account, please create a new transaction type to apply this charge - see How to Create a Transaction to create a new transaction type.

View Deposits

To view all of the deposits held against accounts in your centre, navigate to Billing in the menu, and select Accounts from the drop down options. You will then select the Deposit Balance tile. 

Here you will be able to view all of the accounts within your centre that have a deposit amount held. 

Return a Deposit

To refund a deposit back to an account, navigate to the correct account, then select the Billing tab, and then the Deposits tab. Here you can see the Deposit Held on the account. To return the Deposit, select Return Deposit

A Return Deposit sidebar will then be opened, enter the date that you want to return the deposit, and check the checkbox to return the amount that was held as a deposit on the account. Entering a description is optional, if done so, this will show on the account. Then select Save.

You will then see on the account that the Deposit has been returned.  

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