Create and Manage Fees

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The Fees screen, located under Centres in the menu, is where you can see all of the fees that have been created for each centre in the business. This screen is used to create new fees or edit existing ones.





Creating a new Fee

From the Centres Fees screen, select + Add Fee.

Give the Fee a name

Assign one or more classes to the fee

Choose from the three available fee structures:


Session Fee Structure

This fee will apply to the child per session.  Set the session start and end times.  If at your centre you offer half day fees, you can change the utilisation to 50% and set start and end times accordingly.


Number of Days Fee Structure

This fee applies with a sliding scale based on the amount of sessions booked for the child per week.

In the example below:


A child attending 1-3 days in the week will be charged $115.00 per day

If the child attends 4 days in the week, they will be charged $113.00 per day

If the child attends all 5 days in the week, they will be charged $112.00 per day


Number of Siblings Fee Structure

This fee applies based on the number of children booked on the same account per day.  Each booked child will change the fee amount charged per child.


In the example below:

If only one child attends the centre that day, they will be charged $109.00

If two children attend the centre that day, they will be charged $106.00 each

If three children attend the centre that day, they will be charged $103.00 each



Set up Late pick-up/Early drop-off Fees if applicable to your centre

You can set up rules to automatically charge families in alignment with your policies for early and late penalties.

In the example below:

If a family were 25 minutes late to pick up their child, they would be charged $20.00 in extra fees.

15 minutes grace period and 10 minutes charged $2.00/minute

Note: New fee start dates are automatically set to the day you created them.  If you need them available BEFORE that date, click on the created Fee then click Edit.  

Use the + (plus symbol) to set the fee schedule back to the start date you require


Setting Default Fees for your Classes

Once you have created your fees, you can then set them as default within your classes.

Go to Centres > Classes

Select the first class you need to apply fees to

In the bottom right of the Class screen, use the dropdown boxes to set your Permanent and Casual fees then Save.

Note: You can also Create Fees specific to this class from this spot.


Increasing Fees

When you have an upcoming fee increase, we recommend opening your existing fees and creating a new schedule.  To do this:

Go to Centres > Fees

Select the first fee you want to increase

Select Edit

Use the + (plus) button in the middle of the fee schedule to add the date the new fee will begin.

Once the new date is set, you can update the appropriate Cost boxes for the fee and Save.


Note: If you want to apply a completely different/new fee to a class, you will need to edit each child's contracts to use the correct fee.







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