Adding a New Child to an Existing Account through Contract Update Requests

Modified on Wed, 6 Mar at 1:02 AM

Kangarootime allows you to add a new child to an existing account using the Contract Update feature. This allows parents to fill out a new contract and enrolment form for a new child via email, and the child will then be added to the parent's existing account in Kangarootime. 


Send Contract Update Requests to families wanting to add a new child on their existing account:

  1. Select Enrolment
  2. Select Management
  3. Select the Families tab within this page
  4. Select the account(s) you'd like to add a new child to via Contract Update
    • Note that you can filter by centre(s), tag(s), and status (active vs. inactive)
  5. Hover over the paper icons, and select the Send Contract Update or New Child icon
  6. You will be prompted to
    a. choose if you also require the family to update their enrolment form at the same time, and
    b. allow the family to enrol in the same centre only, or allow the family to enrol in multiple centres within the business.
    Make a selection, and Send Requests
    • Parents will receive an email informing them that enrolment renewals and changes are being accepted

Don't see the Families tab within Enrolment>Management? Contact to have this feature enabled.


FAMILIES: Adding a new child to your account via the Renew Enrolment email:

  1. Open the Renew Enrolment Email from
  2. Select Renew enrolment now
  3. Enter the verification code sent to your email address
  4. Select the +Add Another Child button at the bottom of the list of children on the account
  5. Enter the new child's First Name, Last Name and DOB, and select Save and Select. You will see the child's name selected in green, select Next.
  6. Select the program the child will be enrolling into, and enter the child's start date and days of attendance. Select the Select button to save your child's enrolment details, then select Next.
  7. Review your child's enrolment details, if the details are all correct, select Submit
    • Once a new child has had their enrolment details submitted, the centre will be notified through their Waitlist

Sending an offer for a new child on an existing account:

  1. Select Enrolment
  2. Select Lead Management
  3. Select the child from the Waitlist tab
    • Please note: A child who has been added to an existing account via the re-enrolment process will have the Enrolment Type listed as Re-enrolment on the enquiry.
  4. Follow the same steps to send an offer for the child at your centre as you usually would with an new online enrolment enquiry. Please see Navigating and Actioning Online Waitlist Requests if you are unfamiliar with this process. 


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