Create a new family Account

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The Accounts screen is located in the Families area of the menu.  Access it by clicking the drop down next to Families and click Accounts.

From the Accounts list you are able search through and to identify:

  • The Account Name
  • The Children associated with the account (click on a child icon to see their class enrolment status and age)
  • The Centre associated with the account
  • Any tags associated with the account
  • The Account balance

The balance shown here is the current balance of the account in that centre.  It includes all charges on the individual account.


Creating an Account

Select + Add Account in the top right of the Accounts screen.

You will be prompted to add the details of the first child and primary contact (account holder). Mandatory information is indicated with an asterix and is required to be completed in order to save.

Note: If you are adding a child or contact that already exists in Kangarootime, tick the appropriate Add Existing Child? or Add Existing Contact? checkbox and start typing their name to select.

Once the family details have been filled out, select Save and the Account profile has been created.

Adding Additional Children to the Account

From the Account profile, select + Add Another Child which is the big red dot found below Account information.

Add the child's name, DOB and CRN if available. 

Under Relationships and Permissions, you will see a list of the contacts for the account.  The Primary contact has full authority over the account, including full permissions to all children.  You will only need to select their relationship.

For any other account contacts, you need to select their relationship and if they have permission to pick up the child tick the box.  Once the relationships and permissions are set for all contacts, select Add Child.

Adding a Child that already exists in KT

Each child has their own Child ID that can be located from the Child's profile on the Children screen.


Once you have identified the child ID, move to the family Account profile and select +Add Another Child which is the big red dot found below Account information.  Select the Existing tab.

Paste the child ID in and confirm the relationship and permissions for that child with the contacts on this account.

Adding Additional Contacts to the Account

From the Account profile, select the Contacts tab.

Primary contacts will be given full authority over the account, including full permissions to all children.  All other contacts should be added by selecting + Add Contact.

Select the Contact Type Primary or Authorised

  • If selecting Primary, then select continue, enter all requried details and select save
  • If selecting Authorised, select the child/ren, add relationship and select permissions, then continue.  Enter requried details and select save. 

From here you may want to Create a contract for the child to attend

This article will assist you with this - Create a child's Class Contract

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