Create a Kindy For All (QLD Kindergarten 2023) Program

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This document is designed to assist you with creating a Kindy For All Queensland Kindergarten 2023 program for the centre. For questions or queries regarding the Kindy for All Queensland Kindergarten 2023 funding, please refer to the Queensland Government guidelines on Queensland Kindergarten Funding Essentials for 2023.





Creating the program


Select Programs from the Centres Menu



Select + Create Program

Select the Subsidy Name, create a program name, select the start and end date you wish the program to run for, identify the days and hours the program runs, select the class the program applies to, select the educator/s that facilitate the program, select create





Select Create, the Program will now be displayed.


Now you can Add Children to a Queensland Kindergarten Program


Editing an Existing Program


To edit information on an existing program, select the '... ' action on the right side of the program, then select edit


From this screen you are able to

  • Edit the Program Name
  • Assign a Class to the Program
  • Change the Start and End Date 
  • Change the Hours and Days
  • Add Children to the program
  • Add Planned/Unplanned leave


Adding Planned and Unplanned Leave


Select the '... ' action on the right side of the program

Select edit

Under the program calendar add the start date and end date of the leave

Drop down to select type of leave

Select + Marked as closed



You will then see a count of dates accrue. By selecting view dates you can see the program leave dates that have been entered and delete if required. 



Archiving a program


Note: Once a program has been archived, it can not be retrieved!


If you want to archive a program, go to the main program screen.  

Select the '... ' action on the right side of the program, and select Archive

You will be prompted to acknowledge that you want to archive the program. 

You will not be able to to archive a program if there are any children active and attached to the program. 



Entering the SEIFA Rating


Select Profiles from the Centres Menu

Select the Centre

Select the Agency Tab

Select Create Rating

Enter the Active From Date and then enter the SEIFA Rating

Select Save




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