Bus Roster Overview

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This article is designed to assist you with creating a bus roster, adding children to the roster and printing a report for the period you require capturing the information. 


Adding a Bus Roster

Select Bus Roster from the menu

Select + Add Bus Roster at top right

Enter the Name of the Bus Roster, the Centre, the destination/s, the effective date and end date, and what sessions the bus runs for, select save

You will now see the Bus Roster 

Add destination

Select + Add New under destinations to add locations 

Assigning Children

Select the 3 dots '... ' and select Edit

Scroll down to Unassigned and Assigned


Will show you Each Destination and how many children assigned to the destination

Under assigned children it will list the children and what days and sessions they are assigned for

You can change the days and times they are assigned from in this screen and select save


This is where you can assign children to the bus roster

Select/tick the child/ren you wish to add to the bus roster (only select multiple if attending same destination)

Select the Scheduled Days the child should be on the bus roster, under time, select the sessions the child needs to be assigned to the bus roster for

Select Assign Destination drop down to assign the child to the appropriate bus roster

Select Save

Once a child is assigned to a bus roster, they will not be visible under unassigned

Unassign an assigned child

Select Assigned, select the child, select Unassign

The child will now populate back in the unassigned list

Building Report

Select Download PDF

Select the date range you wish to build the report for, enter the number of blank rows you want printed, select download

Viewing the Report

The report will then build with 1 page for each destination

The expected days and session will be white with a red shaded absent area, and blue shaded out for days or sessions child is not assigned

Deleting a Bus Roster

Select the 3 dots '... ' on the bus roster you wish to delete and select delete

You will be prompted with a message to advise the action can not be undone and you can cancel or select Continue to delete the Bus Roster

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