Understanding your Payment Status

Modified on Wed, 6 Mar at 1:11 AM

Once your payments have been created, you will be able to monitor their progress throughout the week. From the Billing menu, you can see a centre overview of the payment statuses.  


To view the Payments screen, navigate to Billing in the menu, then select Payments from the drop down options.


These four filters allow you to view where the payments are in their journey.





When the automatic charge of accounts has occurred or a manual payment has been created but they have not been submitted through to Fat Zebra, payments will sit in 'Unsubmitted'. These payments can still be edited or cancelled completely while in this state.



Once a payment has been submitted through to Fat Zebra for processing, they are 'Pending'. You will be unable to cancel a payment once it is 'Pending'. If necessary you will need to contact Fat Zebra for assistance with cancelling these payments.



Payments with an 'Unsuccessful' status have returned from Fat Zebra as they were not able to be processed. Reasons such as Insufficient funds, or Incorrect details as to why payments were not able to be collected from the family. You are able to see the reason for each failed transaction by running a Fat Zebra Transactions report



Kangarootime sets a payment to 'Flagged' when it breaches one of the following reasons:

  • The payment is 30% greater than the average of the last 2 payments on that account

  • It is the second payment created for the same day

  • The CCS has dropped to 0 for the family

The payments will only flag on the day it is due to be processed.  So be sure to check the flagged payments daily. To ensure these payments are submitted through to Fat Zebra, you need to choose an action from Approve, Cancel or Update to the correct amount.


Please note: You can view your Completed payments by clicking on them from the Billing dashboard.


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