Gap Fee Waiver

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This article is designed to assist you with creating a transaction type specific to Gap Fee waiver, correctly identifying the gap amount and how to waive this from an account. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions the minister has made allowances for wavering GAP fees for children who are not attending care during the declared period.  You need to ensure that you remain up to date with the latest information regarding the rules for wavering GAP fees. Government information on who can waiver gap fees can be found here.

Best practice is to submit the attendances, and once they are retrieved use the actual paid CCS amount to calculate the correct GAP fee amount that you can then waiver.


Creating a Transaction Type

To create a transaction type to identify as Gap fees that have been waived select Transactions from the Billing menu

Select + Add Transaction Type at the top right of the screen

Select + Create New under Business-wide Transactions or Centre -specific Transactions (depending on what services need to use the Gap Fee Waiver)

Enter the Type Name eg. COVID-19 Gap Fee Waiver, and select save

The transaction Type now exists to be used on an account to waiver the Gap Fee.  You may not have the permissions to create the transactions and would need to discuss with your organisation who needs to enter the transaction type.

Identifying the GAP amount

Select the account and run  manual report under statements for the previous week

Scroll down to the Weekly Summary, this will show you the Fee amount and the CCS paid amount.  You will need to minus the CCS Paid amount from the full Fee amount on the absent days to calculate the GAP Fee Amount to be waivered

eg. $115.50-$54.91 = $60.59

Child absent 2 days $60.59 x 2 = $121.18 (Amount to be waivered for the week)

Waiving the Gap Fee from the account

Select the account, select the billing tab, and select transactions, select +Add Transaction

Enter the date you wish the transaction to appear on (Sunday weekending date will appear best on the statement), select the type (transaction type you created for GAP Fee Waiver), enter the amount you have calculated, you can add any additional notes for the transaction if you wish, select save.

The transaction will display on the account holders statement with all the information as below:

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