CCS Session Errors

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This document is designed to identify CCS Submission errors and how to correct them.

Identifying if you have any session errors

Go to CCS Subsidies under the subsidies menu

Select Subsidies tracking and select the Errored filter

Change the date range to date back to the start of the current financial year

You will see a list of any errors that exist in your database. Selecting the down arrow on an error will show you the error that exists.  See a list of existing errors below and how to correct these. 


Error: Time In/Out must not overlap with other sessions for same day

Reason: There are 2 sessions that have not been signed in and out correctly and the times for each session are over lapping. 

Fix: Adjust the in/out times so that the 2 sessions in/out times are not overlapping.


Error: A session is missing an attended time (check out)

Reason: The session has been signed in but is missing a sign out time.

Fix: Add a time out to the session


Error: A session has no attended times (check in/check out)

Reason: A session has no sign in/out times or has not been marked absent 

Fix: Add the in/out times or mark the session as absent


Error: Reason for Late Change required when Vary/Withdraw outside timeframe

Reason: A session has been amended/update outside of 28 days

Fix: Click on the three dots on the right hand side of the errored session, and add a reason for late change. Alternatively, open the session and add a reason for late change.

Note: If the child is marked absent from the session in question, delete the absence, add a reason for late change, then make sure to save the session. After the late reason has been saved, then re-mark the absence. 

Restrictions: Late Change reason is required if varying a session report further than 14 days back from the Monday of the current week. Late Withdrawal reason is required if withdrawing a session report further than 28 days back from the Monday of the current week.  


Error: No enrolment was found, or no suitable enrolment is available

Reason: There is no CCS Enrolment created, or the enrolment start date is after the first session attendance date.

Fix: Create a CCS enrolment, or change the start date to cover the first attendance date.


Error: Start Time/End Time must not overlap with other sessions for same day

Reason: Duplication session created with a Start/End 

Fix: Remove one of the sessions so that you only have one session with a Start/End Time. 


Error: Supplied Sessions of Care must fall within Enrolment Start and End Date

Reason: The CCS Enrolment does not cover all dates within the week period

Fix: Change the CCS Enrolment to ensure it covers all dates within the week period. We recommend the start date begin on the Monday date, and end on a Sunday date (if applicable).


Error: A session has a fee from migration, this fee should not be used

Reason: There is a session with the migration fee attached.

Fix: Change the session fee to a current fee.


Error: Reason for Late Withdrawal required to be entered. 

Reason:  No Late Withdrawal reason recorded against the session. 

Fix:  Open the session and enter reason for Late Withdrawal. 

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