Point of Care - Accessing Child Information

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The guide will show you how to access child information through the Point of Care App, all child information within the Point of Care App is stored with the child, so you can rest assure if the child moves classes or spaces that the information will move with them. You can access the child's information through Point of Care whether the child has been checked in for the day or not.

You can access the child's information as follows: - 


Select the class that the child is in. Once the class information is displayed in the overview you are able to view more information. 

Accessing Child Information Option 1

Double Tap the Child's name you wish to view details for and select More...

Once you have selected More you will then be able to view the child's details. In the purple header where it displays the child's name, you can also view the child's date of birth (DOB) and the current class that they are in, as well as the location of that class in brackets. The header will also display whether the child is currently checked in or not.

View Change Class to move the child to a different class for the day. This displays a list of open classes for the day, select the new class and then the Change Class button to move a child into that class for the day. The child will then appear in the selected class for the day, or until the child is moved back to the class later in the day. This is particularly helpful when children are transitioning into the next class, and may be having transition time in that next class for a few hours before they fully transition to the next class.

View Contact details for the Child. This shows a list of all contacts that are associated with the child in Kangarootime, including Primary Contacts and other contacts. It details the contact's relation to the child, and any phone numbers associated with the contact.

View Health & Wellness Details for the child, including Medical Conditions, Allergies and Restrictions. If the child does have any of the aforementioned conditions, they will be detailed here. You can see what the allergy is, the severity, symptoms and care instructions for the child. 

Accessing Child Information Option 2

Select the 'i' button in the bottom left hand corner of the child's square. The options will appear as above and you can view the child's DOB and current class and location, as well as the child's contacts, health and wellness information and change their class. 

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