Kangarootime Release - 25/8/23

Modified on Wed, 6 Mar at 1:02 AM

Updates to all of our apps, lead management enhancements, and a couple of new reports!

bug.png Fixes 

The Point of Care app has been updated to v1.1.55, and is now available for update in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. This update includes a range of minor updates and improvements, including bug fixes for child activity notes.

The KT Kiosk app has been updated to v1.3.17, and is now available for update in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. This update contains an update to the QR Code visibility, allowing for easier scanning of the QR code for child check in/out by parents through the KT Connect app.

The KT Connect app has been updated to v2.7.0 and is now available for update in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for parents at your centre. This update includes:

  • New navigation, allowing parents to easily manage their children's current and future schedules with just a few taps,
  • Display of the progress status of any existing enrolment applications against each care type request instead of the application as a whole. As an example, if a child has been accepted into one type of care but remains on the waitlist for another, this will be displayed as such, instead of displaying both on the waitlist,
  • Ability to resume application progress for any applications with the status Action Required,
  • Update of date picked calendar, allowing easier use when selecting children's DOBs,
  • Permission fix for Attendance screen - only Primary Contacts on an account will see the children's sessions on the Attendance screen, and
  • Children who have been archived on an account will no longer show on the KT Connect app.

The CWA Bulk Send option issue has been resolved, CWAs can now be bulk sent to any families at your business/centre. For more information on how to send out your CWAs in bulk, please see the Managing CWAs (Complying Written Agreements) article. 

improvements.png Improvements

We have made some improvements when managing the addition of manual sessions. It is now no longer possible to add manual sessions when there is a conflict, such as a classroom closure or an overlapping session. When someone tries to add a new session and there is a conflict, the 'Save' button is disabled.

We've added additional validation to ensure a child is specified for transactions related to state-based Kindy funding. Previously the child could be omitted, which made determining who received the various funding types unclear.

We've enhanced the permissions around sending enrolment related requests from the Enrolment > Management > Families screens, allowing you to tighten up staff access with two new permissions:

  • Family Enrolment Requests - allow/disallow users the ability to Request Enrolment, and view responses.
  • Family Details Requests - allow/disallow users the ability to Request Updated Details, and view responses.

Read-only permission will grant users the ability to view responses, but not send any requests. There'll be no noticeable changes immediately after this upgrade. For existing roles and users, both new permissions will mimic what access they currently have to the Lead Management Settings permission, so you can adjust these at your leisure.

In the Waitlist tab of the Lead Management screen, the Edit Guardian Details link against an enquiry has been replaced and enhanced as Edit Enquiry Details, allowing users to change the guardian's name, child's name, date of birth and start date while a new family's application is on the Waitlist.

new_features.png New Features

We have added an Inclusion Support Payment Report to Kangarootime! For more information about the report, including how to build the report, please refer to the Inclusion Support Payments Report article. 

The NSW Start Strong Report has been released in Kangarootime, and is available to be exported as a CSV file. This report utilises the NSW Government Fee Relief Subsidy transactions to identify eligible children. Please ensure these transactions are linked to the appropriate Kindergarten child and the applied date is within the reporting range. For more information about this report, please see the NSW Start Strong Report article. 


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