Kangarootime Release - 27/4/23

Modified on Wed, 6 Mar at 1:02 AM

bug.png Fixes

The Point of Care app has been updated to v1.1.44, and is now available for update in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. We have added a few improvements to Point of Care, improvements to the user interface for the Class Overview screen, including filtering of absent children.

The KT Connect app has been updated to v2.6.4, and is now available for update in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. This update includes improved activity filters that allow users to now filter by one or more activity types.


improvements.png Improvements

The Enrolment Management and Classes screens have been updated! Previously, the number of spots were counted multiple times if the same child had multiple contracts into the future on the same day (Monday, Tuesday, etc.). We have made some changes to only count each individual child once per day, while still displaying their future contract days in the grid. We have also added a filter to the top of the Overview and Classes screens, allowing users to include/exclude future contracts and/or lead to booking offers. Both of these will default to INCLUDE, which is the same way it previously functioned. To further clarify, "lead to booking offers" means
- applications that have been accepted by the parent, even if they have not yet submitted the enrolment form
- applications that are pending a centre's approval
- applications that are offered, but not yet accepted by the parent, and have not yet expired. It should be noted that the Enrolment Management screen takes into account actual ‘contracts’, whilst the Attendance screen looks at the 'sessions' (considering absent and voided sessions).
For example, there may be 45 children appearing on the Enrolment Management screen, but if 2 of those sessions were marked as voided, and 3 were marked as absent, the number would appear on the Attendance screen as 40.
Please see the How to Utilise Enrolment Dashboard and Management article for more information. 


new_features.png New Features

Re-enrolment is here! Our new re-enrolment feature in Kangarootime not only allows for the re-enrolment of existing families for the new year or term, but also allows you to request updated enrolment details from your families. Please see Requesting Re-Enrolment & Updated Enrolment Details from Families for more information and a step by step guide. 

Our new Position Management feature is also now available in Kangarootime! This feature will easily allow you to manage and organise positions within your business, giving you more flexibility with position titles. This feature will allow you to create, edit and archive positions within your business. Please see the Position Management article for more information. 

Our Complying Written Agreement (CWA) feature has now been turned on for all businesses! This feature will allow you to send out new CWAs to each of your families whenever their child has a change in contract details, or when fees change in your centre. Please see the Managing CWAs (Complying Written Agreements) article for more information. 

Batched Payments are also now on for all businesses in Kangarootime! This feature automatically batches payments that have been made through Fat Zebra (Credit Card and Direct Debit payments). This will allow for you to easily match up payment amounts that are debited into your business account from Fat Zebra. Please see the Viewing Automatically Batched Payments section in the Batched Payments article for more information. 


Note: Sometimes the features in our release notes are not visible to everyone. If you want to learn more or if you don’t see some of the above features but believe you should, please reach out to your KT contact personally or to the KT team.

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