How to use the Business or Centre Code

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Using the business and centre codes, you are able to provide a new employee with a code that they can use to request an invite to your business or centre.  This is an alternate pathway to inviting them when you Create an Employee profile.


Where is the Business Code?

To locate the Business code, navigate to Business in the menu, and select Profile from the drop down options. When a business is created, the code will be generated automatically.


Where is the Centre Code?

To locate the Centre code, navigate to Centres in the menu, and select Profiles from the drop down options.  When a centre is created, the code will be generated automatically.


Note: If you choose to generate a new code, any invitations that had previously been sent out will be voided.

The Employee gets started


From the Kangarootime login page, there is a second way an employee can get started within Kangarootime.


  • Select Get Started


  • Select Join an existing business or Centre


  • The new employee will be prompted to enter their email address and your Business or Centre code


  • They will then select Request to Join


  • The next step is to enter their first and last names and click Continue

The employee will see a Success message that informs them that their request has been sent and they will receive an email with the next steps once it has been approved.

Approve the new Employee


Log into KT, navigate to Employees in the menu and select Profiles from the drop down options.  You will find the request from the employee waiting for you in the top Requested tile. You will also have received an email in your inbox to inform you that you have received a request.


Select the tile to action the request.  You can approve or deny the request from there.

If you approve it, you will need to enter their Role, Start date and Position at the service before clicking Approve.

The new Employee final steps


Once approved, the employee will receive their Welcome email with the Finish Sign up link to complete their new login and employee profile details.

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