Kangarootime Release - 26/8/22

Modified on Wed, 6 Mar at 1:15 AM



Late Change/Late Withdrawal Restrictions Added

You will no longer be prompted to add a Late Change reason or Late Withdrawal reason too early. Late Change reason is required if varying a session report further than 14 days back from the Monday of the current week. Late Withdrawal reason is required if withdrawing a session report further than 28 days back f rom the Monday of the current week. 


Vacation Care Bookings via KT Connect App

If a child has an active contract in any room, and their age falls within the age range on the Vacation Care type class, the parent will be able to book a casual booking for Vacation Care through the KT Connect app.

If you use the Age override in class setup, KT will use the child's DOB to present the appropriate VAC classes to the parents for VAC booking selection.

If a child has no active contracts, they will not be able to book into any room. A child must have an active contract to be able to book VAC sessions through the KT Connect app. 

Booking Multiple Sessions via KT Connect App

When a parent is booking multiple sessions for their child through the KT Connect app, if one of the sessions does not have a position available, they will still be able to book the remaining sessions with positions available. They will receive the below error, detailing which session/s were not available and were not booked for the child. 

CCS Payment Report 

The CCS Payment Report now displays each entitlement line that CCS sends through to use for the payments. If there are multiple entitlement results sent back from CCS for a child's session, these are now all displayed in the report. 

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