Kangarootime Release 25/5/22

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Additional End Contract reasons

The following reasons have been added to the end contract process to allow for more detailed reporting on child exits from the centre.

I am creating a new contract and ending an existing one

  • Adding days
  • Decreasing days
  • Changing to casual
  • Changing to permanent

I am ending the existing contract with no replacements

  • Account Debt
  • Care not Required
  • Ending Care
  • Moving Away
  • Extended holidays
  • Going to School
  • Going to Kindergarten

Archive Custom Fields

For centres who utilise the custom fields feature, the Archive action has now been added into KT. For more information: Custom Data Fields

New Features

Account Tags

The introduction of Account tags will allow you to group and filter family accounts.  To get started with the tags, you will need to turn the Account Tags permission on in the menu Settings, Roles and Permissions area.  For more information: How to Create and Utilise Tags

New Contracts Report

This report identifies contracts that start at or after a specific date.

For more information: New Contracts Report

Ended Contracts Report

This report captures the exit reasons used when ending/replacing and ending child contracts at the centre. For more information: Ended Contracts report

Email Address Report

Based on your filter choices, you can create an email list of your primary and non-primary contacts at individual services or your entire business. Accounts who are Active, Inactive or Future families.  For more information: Email Address report 

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