Attendance History Control

Modified on Wed, 6 Mar at 1:04 AM

The Attendance history controls have been created to allow a business to closely control the amount of access users have to make changes on attendances in the past.

The CCSS have firm rules around timeframes that session reports for a child can be withdrawn, varied or submitted in the past, and trying to submit attendances outside of those timeframes can be blocked.

To set a locked period for your Business, go to the Business Profile and select Attendance History Control.


Attendance History Lock Period

Identify the number of days in the past that you will allow users to edit attendances.  This number sets the locked period for all users.  If you leave this at zero days, there will be no restriction on editing attendances in the past.

Enter the days and select Save.

Attendance History Temporary Access

You can provide a staff member/s a window of 24 hours to be able to edit attendances in the past, outside of the locked period you have set.  An example of this is if CCSS give a dispensation for a child's session report and need you to resubmit.  You can give yourself or the editing staff member the access they need to complete that task.

Drop down the employee list and select one or more staff members that need this access.

Select Give 24-hour access.

Viewing Historical occurrences

Once you have granted a staff member 24-hour access, you will see an entry added into the History section below. This will provide you with the information on when their access will be returned to the normal locked period.

You cannot revoke a staff member's 24 hour access after it has been granted. 

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