Create a CCS Enrolment for a child

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To meet reporting requirements for a child, an appropriate enrolment must be created and submitted to CCSS.

CCS Enrolments are located in the individual family Account profile.  Access them by using the drop down next to Families in the menu and selecting Accounts.  Select the specific account you want to add an enrolment to and select the CCS tab.




Creating a CCS Enrolment

Select the child to be enrolled in the CCSS and select + Add CCS Enrolment.  The Centre name is automatically populated from the account.

Mandatory information is indicated with an asterix and is required to be completed in order to submit.


CCS Enrolment Type

Select the appropriate CCS enrolment type for the child. To understand more about the different types, take a look at your Child Care Provider Handbook, and for a summary, see CCS Enrolment Types below.

If you select 'Arrangement with Organisation name' type, you will need to add that organisation name to the enrolment.

Note: The fields you use on the enrolment will change depending on the type you have selected.


Start and End Date

For the start date, enter the Monday date of the week the child begins at the service.  The end date is not mandatory.

If the start date on the enrolment is outside government legislated timeframes, you will need to provide a Late reason.  This field will become available on the enrolment if this is required.


Contact and Child Details

When you select the Contact and Child, their DOB and CRN will automatically populate.  If you need to edit or add either of those fields, return to their Contact or Child profiles.

Select the Contact name and by default, the Signing party first and last name will be filled with their details as well.  These can be changed if the person who entered the agreement with the centre is different to the CCS eligible contact.

If the child is under the care of State/Territory child welfare law, ensure the Child in State Care? option is ticked.


Submitting your enrolment

Once all of these details are complete, select Continue to submit the CCS enrolment to the government.


Viewing Entitlements

Under the CCS tab on an account you can drop down the CCS Entitlements to view the current and previous entitlements


CCS Enrolment Types

Complying Written Arrangement

Both Child Care Subsidy and Additional Child Care Subsidy can be paid for the child's care under this type of agreement. This enrolment will need to be confirmed by the Contact specified on the enrolment through their myGov account.


Relevant Arrangement

No child care subsidy is paid for the child's care under this type of agreement.  It should only be used if the Provider is certain the family doesn't want to claim Child Care Subsidy


Provider Eligible Arrangement (previously Child Wellbeing ACCS)

Allows the centre to receive ACCS for 'at risk' children in their care who are cared for by an individual who doesn't meet CCS eligibility criteria.  Children in formal foster/kinship care can also use this arrangement type while their guardian applies to confirm their CCS eligibility (maximum 13 weeks).


Arrangement with Organisation

No child care subsidy is paid for the child's care under this type of agreement.  It is an arrangement between the contact on the enrolment and a third party who will be liable for paying the fees for the child.  For example, Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP).







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